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Profab Design & Manufacture
stainless steel furniture for the pharmaceutical
& Catering Industry.

Stainless Steel Fabrication

With Profab Service's wide experience in this industry, we can provide our clients with innovative solutions to problems, high standards in design and manufacture and a dedicated after sales service.

Profab Services have worked closely with architects and many construction companies to design, manufacture and install modern and contemporary Stainless Steel balustrading and staircases. Profab Services design and manufacture stainless steel furniture for the pharmaceutical and catering industry.

Our major strength and advantage is that we can combine our fabrication and machining team to provide you with one complete solution, from process pipe work, pipe fittings, stainless steel cabinets, sinks, tables, Garb-up equipment, machine guards and change parts.

Profab Services work to the highest standards whether it is the utilisation of high purity welding systems such as fully enclosed head orbital or manual procedures to enable installation of hygienic pipework, process pipework and CIP and service pipework systems.

Our factory workshop is equipped with the highest specification for pipe prepping and welding equipment, as well as a dedicated team of qualified fitters and coded welders to insure that all our fabrication meets all the codes and standards required by the client. We use a high quality cleaning and passivation system where sanitation is important.

Our in house sheet metal machinery ensures that we can produce the simple to complicated fabrication products from all grades of stainless steel, aluminium and carbon steels. We produce vessels, hoppers and tanks with our power plate rollers and can also roll a variety of steel sections with our power Ring rollers.

Our stainless steel fabrication department is specifically tailored to meet the customer's specifications. We have fabricated products for a variety of applications, Hospitals and medical labs, restaurants and hotels, commercial buildings, packaging and manufacturing plants and homeowners.

Profab Services Stainless Steel Fabrication

What Is Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is an alloy that combines steel and chromium to produce a metal that is resistant to rust and corrosion. Depending on the desired characteristics, it can also contain various amounts of nickel, molybdenum, austenite, ferrite, carbon, manganese and/or nitrogen.

Stainless steel is produced in various varieties:

Food & Beverage Industry: Nickel is added for use in the food and beverage and medical industries. Nickel helps give stainless steel high clean ability, which is important for sanitation.

Austenitic : Austenitic stainless steel has at least 6% of a combination of austenite and nickel. That gives it high ductility and high corrosion resistance.